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Sun Tzu is probably doing cartwheels in his grave.

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DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR #1 Rewrites the Book on Combat This October!

It’s been called the definitive work on military strategy and tactics. Sun Tzu’s seminal Art of War has influenced warfare for hundreds of years. From battlefields to Boardrooms and beyond, there has never been a work more important when it comes to strategy and preparation. Until now! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR #1 – the first chapter in a new 4-issue limited series adapting its classic and iconic namesake! from New York Times Bestselling writer Peter David (All-New X-Factor, The Incredible Hulk) and fan-favorite artist Scott Koblish (Deadpool)!

The Merc With a Mouth knows a thing or two about combat and tactics, and he’s gearing up to write his own version of Art of War. It’s in the public domain so it’s totally ripe for being ripped off. Times change, and today we have heat seeking missiles and automatic machine guns so how accurate can the original book really be?

Only it’ll take more than a great book if Deadpool wants to outsell the original. His plan? Cause enough war and chaos around the globe so that they’ll have to buy his book! Though he’ll get more than he bargained for when the Asgardians, Avengers, X-Men and more get involved. Be there when military strategy takes a gigantic leap forward in DEADPOOL’S ART OF WAR #1 this October!

Written by PETER DAVID
Art & Cover by SCOTT KOBLISH
Variant Cover by CHRIS BURNHAM (AUG140883)
FOC – 09/22/14, On-Sale 10/15/14

And finally, coming next week from Valiant…the big one.

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Art & Cover by DOUG BRAITHWAITE (JUL141482)
Qr Voice Variant by TOM FOWLER (JUL141483)
Armor Hunters Variant by TREVOR HAIRSINE (JUL141484)
Artist Variant by CLAYTON HENRY (JUL141485)

That was just a battle… Now get ready for the war!

X-O Manowar has played the ultimate gambit, and finally leveled the playing field against the villainous Armor Hunters. But the galaxy’s deadliest killers haven’t come this far just to surrender! Their final charge is now upon us…and it will take the combined powers of X-O Manowar, Unity, Bloodshot and the rest of the Earth’s most formidable heroes to save our world from a full-scale cosmic reckoning. The summer’s biggest crossover event is going out with a BIG bang – and, when the smoke clears, everything you thought you knew about the Valiant U will be forever changed!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ON SALE 9/24/14 (FOC – 9/1/14)

Next up is X-O. You’ll notice a certain blocked out panel…

Solicitation info below:


Cover by CAFU (JUL141492)
Variant Cover by JUAN DOE (JUL141493)

Broken kingdom!

The world has changed for Aric of Dacia – the armored earthbound hero known as X-O Manowar. Unable to protect his friends and allies from the interstellar hunters sworn to kill him, the Visigoth warrior who would be king now recoils from the horrendous consequences – even as a threatening new future looms. Everything changes now!

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ON SALE 9/24/14 (FOC – 9/1/14)

Late-breaking previews from Valiant for next week, beginning with the continuation of the Omegas.

Press info below:


Cover by LEWIS LAROSA (JUL141494)
Variant Cover by GLENN FABRY (JUL141495)

Toyo Harada strikes back!

In the aftermath of the tragic firestorm between the world’s most powerful omega-level psiot and his wayward heir, casualties were claimed on both sides. Now, the last remnants of each opposing force – the Harbinger Foundation and the surviving Renegades – have been shattered and driven deep underground. But Toyo Harada – newly exposed as the world’s foremost superhuman – has no one left to stop him…and his greatest work can finally begin…

$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ON SALE 9/24/14 (FOC – 9/1/14)

No Black Parade here - just futuristic spiders.

Press info below:


Eisner Award Winner Gerard Way Makes His Marvel Debut For EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5!

Prepare for the biggest Spider-Man event of all-time as every Spider-Man from every universe unites to stop a threat that could spell extinction for their kind! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5 – the final chapter in the blockbuster 5-issue mini-series showcasing different Spider-Men (and women) of the Spider-Verse! Eisner Award-winning writer Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy) makes his Marvel debut alongside rising star artist Jake Wyatt for a Spider-Man tale unlike any other!

“In a futurist city fairly different from the New York we are familiar with, our version of Spider-Man takes the shape of a government project: SP//dr,” says Gerard Way, in an interview with “SP//dr is comprised of three vital components: a pilot, a machine, and a radioactive sentient spider acting as one half of the brain that makes it all work. Peni Parker is a young girl, who, left parentless, is adopted by her Aunt May and Uncle Ben, the two heads of the SP//dr project. When they realize Peni is the only one who can successfully pair with SP//dr, they make the unorthodox decision to train her as SP//dr’s newest pilot.”

As Peni Parker suits up in her incredible spider-powered armor, explore the incredible new universe she inhabits. Yet even though, she pilots her unstoppable machine, it still may not be enough to save her universe from the onslaught of Morlun. Edge of Spider-Verse concludes in grand fashion this October as Way & Wyatt take you to an incredible new universe in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #5!

Plus, don’t miss out on these exciting Edge of Spider-Verse tie-in issues of your favorite ongoing series:

·         Superior Spider-Man #32 & #33

·         Amazing Spider-Man #7 & #8

·         Spider-Man 2099 #5

For more on Spider-Verse, visit and join in on the conversation on Twitter using #SpiderVerse.

Written by GERARD WAY
Art & Cover by JAKE WYATT
Variant Cover by GREG LAND (AUG140805)
FOC 9/22/14, ON-SALE 10/15/14

Humble Valiant Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

You know how we’re putting over Valiant all the time? Now’s a great time to find out why. AND help some great charities.

Press info below:



Pay what you want for Valiant’s ultimate digital comic collection of your favorite titles and characters, while supporting charities that make truly heroic differences around the world.

Humble Bundle and award-winning comic book publisher Valiant Entertainment are proud to present the Humble Valiant Bundle – the ultimate digital comics collection featuring more than 120 issues of some of the most critically acclaimed titles anywhere in comics today!

A special one-time offering loaded with collections of Valiant’s best-selling series and online debuts, customers purchasing the Humble Valiant Bundle can choose to benefit three vitally important charities – Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the Hero Initiative, and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF).

The Humble Valiant Bundle features a longbox-busting digital library of 24 graphic novels and collections, and spans all of Valiant’s most popular superhero titles – including X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Harbinger, Bloodshot, Quantum and Woody, and more! With a total retail value of more than $420, the Humble Valiant Bundle is the single biggest comics offering ever presented by Humble Bundle.

Featuring work by an all-star cast of top talents – including writers Joshua Dysart (Swamp Thing), Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT), Bob Layton (Iron Man), Jim Shooter (Avengers), Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies), and Robert Venditti (Green Lantern), alongside artists Doug Braithwaite (Justice), Clayton Crain (Carnage), Cary Nord (Conan) and more – the Valiant Humble Bundle is the perfect place to discover why Valiant continues to win over fans and critics around the world with high quality storytelling and outstanding artwork.

Fans can name their price to receive the first TWO volumes of X-O Manowar, Archer & Armstrong, Quantum and Woody, Harbinger and Unity. Plus: get the classic Shadowman video game as an extra-added bonus!

Contribute more than the average price to get even more of Valiant’s blockbuster publishing line with the first two volumes of Bloodshot, Shadowman and Eternal Warrior – plus the first volume of Rai and Harbinger Wars!

For $15 or more, Valiant will open the vaults and unleash the entire Valiant Masters digital series, showcasing the legendary origins of one of the greatest universes in comics. Re-presenting the original adventures of Ninjak, Rai, Bloodshot, Shadowman, and H.A.R.D. Corps – plus a Humble Bundle-exclusive Valiant Masters volume of classic X-O Manowar not available in print – the Valiant Masters series celebrates Valiant’s historic legacy, and include dozens of pages of rarely seen bonus materials and special features.

"The Humble Valiant Bundle is by far one of our proudest achievements," said Gavin Cuneo, Valiant’s CFO and Head of Strategic Development. "While this is a fantastic opportunity for readers to access the Valiant Universe, what makes this partnership so important is the support it provides to three incredible charities with crucial missions in comics and around the world. Each of the organizations – Doctors Without Borders, the Hero Initiative, and the CBLDF – serves an incredibly important cause, and finding a way to further their missions with the support of Valiant’s fans around the world was just too good to pass up."

The Humble Valiant Bundle runs for two weeks beginning Wednesday, September 17, 2014 and ends Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 11 a.m. PDT.

If it’s popular, run with it.

Press info below:


Build Up Your Variant Collection With Marvel ROCKET RACOON & GROOT Variants!

New York, NY – September 17th, 2014 – The breakout comic book characters of the year are taking over the covers of your favorite Marvel titles this November! That’s right True Believer, ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT VARIANTS are coming, featuring some of the best and brightest talents in the industry! Not only will you get to see so many great artists putting their own spin on Rocket & Groot, but 20 of your favorite Marvel comics will feature these one-of-a-kind variants depicting some of the most classic of covers!

·         All-New Captain America #1

·         All-New X-Men #34

·         Amazing Spider-Man #9

·         Amazing X-Men #13

·         Avengers #38

·         Avengers World #15

·         Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #2

·         Captain America & The Mighty Avengers #1

·         Deadpool #37

·         Guardians 3000 #2

·         Guardians of the Galaxy #21

·         Hulk 8

·         Legendary Star-Lord #5

·         New Avengers #26

·         Rocket Raccoon #5

·         Spider-Verse #1

·         Spider-Woman #1

·         Superior Iron Man #1

·         Thor #2

·   Uncanny X-Men #28

“People everywhere can’t seem to get enough Rocket & Groot!” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “As soon as we came up with the concept to do Rocket Raccoon & Groot variants, the ideas just started pouring in. We couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty creating some really fantastic cover homages. This program is really the best of both worlds and we know it will really excite old and new fans everywhere.”

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on these hotly anticipated variant covers as they hit comic shelves through the month of November. No fan will want to miss the chance to see these fan-favorite Marvel characters in a whole new way when the ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT VARIANTS hit store shelves worldwide this November!

And Now, a Preview…

…of Previews!

Press info below:


Diamond Announces Contents of the October 2014 PREVIEWS

October’s PREVIEWS Features a Hero’s Return in DC Entertainment’s Robin Rises Alpha

(BALTIMORE, MD) — (September 17, 2014) — The October edition of Diamond Comic Distributors’ monthly PREVIEWS catalog arrives in comic shops, hobby stores, and other specialty outlets on September 24th. October’s PREVIEWS offers over 2,000 new items and features comic books, graphic novels, toys, and other pop culture merchandise scheduled to go on sale beginning December 2014.

ON OUR FRONT COVER: Batman’s journey to Apokalips to recover his son’s body and restore Damian to life reaches its conclusion in DC Entertainment’s Robin Rises Alpha!

ON OUR BACK COVER: A signature character of the 1990s joins Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Select action figure line — Cable!

The October PREVIEWS Features
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Month — PREVIEWS wants to take you into worlds beyond imagination as we celebrate science-fiction and fantasy comics. Look throughout the catalog for the Sci-Fi & Fantasy icon for some of the best science-fiction and fantasy comics on the market today.

On The Flip Side — Fred Pierce of Valiant Entertainment talks to PREVIEWS about the growth of the Valiant Universe over the past two years and the future of the publisher, including the new mini-series The Valiant offered in this month’s catalog.

Gems of the Month — October’s PREVIEWS Gems of the Month include: Dark Horse Comics’ Hellboy and the B.P.R.D. #1, the tale of Hellboy’s first field mission with the B.P.R.D. by Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, and Alex Maleev; DC Entertainment’s Superman: Earth One Volume 3, the next chapter in J. Michael Straczynski’s reimagining of the Man of Steel for the 21st-century; IDW Publishing’s Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive #1, a crossover mini-series co-published by BOOM! Studios in which Captain Kirk and the Enterprise discover a planet dominated by a simian civilzation; Image Comics’ Bitch Planet #1, Kelly Sue DeConnick’s “women in prisons” series that sees five women attempt to escape from the galaxy’s toughest prison; and Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man and the X-Men #1 in which the wallcrawler becomes the Jean Grey School’s newest guidance counselor.

Splash — PREVIEWS shines a special spotlight at some of the blockbuster books and products coming this December! Spinning out of the events of Original Sin, there’s a new player on the cosmic stage in Angela: Asgard’s Assassin from Marvel Comics. A young girl befriends a Yeti in Roger Langridge’s Abigail and the Snowman from BOOM! Studios. There’s a new Attack on Titan boxed set from Kodansha Comics, and an original graphic novel, The Sculptor from Scott McCloud and :01 First Second. Plus, Medicom’s The Dark Knight Rises: Selina Kyle MAF EX Figure that’s available exclusively through PREVIEWS, and much more!

Indie Edge — Jeff Lemire, the creator of Essex County and The Underwater Welder, as well as the writer of DC Entertainment’s Justice League United, talked to PREVIEWS about his favorite projects, his new project The Valiant from Valiant Entertainment, and the books he’s reading!

PREVIEWS Exclusive Apparel — This month PREVIEWS offers more exclusive apparel that can be found only at your comic shop! Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy and the Stark Industries logo from the Iron Man films star on two new t-shirts. Plus, John Constantine hangs out in a graveyard on a new shirt. Be sure to order these and many others from your local comic book shop and refresh your wardrobe!
Plus: Staff Picks, the month’s Certified Cool books, the monthly Bestseller Charts, and so much more!

All this awaits you in the October edition of PREVIEWS, which goes on sale at your local comic shop or specialty store on Wednesday, September 24th with a cover price of just $4.50.

Hey, Captain America had one.

Press info below:


Gone But Not Forgotten – Your New Look at DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE LOGAN LEGACY #1!

From the ashes of Death of Wolverine comes a new beginning. Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE LOGAN LEGACY #1, the first issue in a blockbuster 7-issue limited series aiming to explore the gaping hole left in the Marvel Universe following the death of one of its most prominent super heroes. Written by superstar writer Charles Soule with art by Oliver Nome, this epic first issue, setting the stage for a world without Wolverine! Each issue of Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy features a hot new creative team made up of some of the industry’s brightest rising stars as they explore the unique solo adventures of X-23, Sabretooth, Daken, Lady Deathstrike and Mystique!  

“Think of the death of Wolverine as an inciting event, one thing that has seismic-level effects on the lives of a great deal of the Marvel Universe,” says Charles Soule in an interview with “We’ll start in Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy by examining those effects on people close to Wolverine, but over time, we’ll range far and wide to see what sort of black hole Logan’s death actually leaves.”

With the mutant powerhouse now out of the picture, who or what will be left to pick up the pieces? Will Wolverine’s legacy be shaped by heroes who valiantly fought alongside him…or by the villains who he spent his whole life protecting the world against? The answers will be revealed this October when the Marvel Universe faces a world without Wolverine in DEATH OF WOLVERINE: THE LOGAN LEGACY #1!

Art & Cover by OLIVER NOME
Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG (AUG140749)
Canada Variant by OLIVER NOME (JUL148308)
FOC – 09/22/14, On-Sale 10/15/14

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